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Motorossi has been performing Volkswagen Car Services in Adelaide for over 25 years. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology to service and repair your Volkswagen. When servicing your Volkswagen with Motorossi you can have the confidence that your vehicle is in the most capable of hands.

Expert Knowledge

Our skilled technicians are experts in Volkswagen repair methods and quality assured processes that guarantee a high-quality service. They are happy to assist with and talk you through your service or any other questions you may have, in as much detail as needed. Here at Motorossi, our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools and everything they do is carried out to factory standards, using only Volkswagen genuine parts.

Genuine Parts

Only Volkswagen Genuine Parts are used when servicing or repairing your vehicle. This makes sure the integrity of your Volkswagen is not compromised by non-genuine parts, which usually don’t hold the same quality or safety features. Using only genuine parts gives you a peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is functioning the way it was intended. Getting your car serviced at Motorossi validates and protects your logbook and new car warranty.

Competitive Price

Motorossi is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to dealers for all Volkswagen repairs and maintenance services in Adelaide. We offer budget friendly Volkswagen services and repair options, as well as a pick-up and drop-off service, saving you time and money! With our trained staff, you can be assured that your car service will be carried out by a technician who knows your Volkswagen in and out and uses only genuine parts suited to your vehicle.

How often should I service my VW?

1. Oil Changes — Typically (and depending on the year of your car) oil changes should happen every 10,000 – 15,000 kilometres. Look for your owner’s manual to see when oil changes are recommended for your make and model. Or, you can always contact us at Motorossi if you have any questions.

2. Regular, Routine Maintenance — Your car needs to be serviced regularly based on the amount of time you’ve owned your car or the amount of distance you’ve travelled. Failing to service your vehicle can lead to problems down the road, such as minor repairs developing into something bigger, safety issues, reduction in fuel efficiency, and more.

3. Tire Rotations — Ideally, tire rotations should occur each time you get your oil changed.

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