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It is crucial that only professionals who have experience with the brand put their hands on your luxury vehicle when it comes in for maintenance. With over 25 years of experience Motorossi can provide you top of the class service, without the excessive cost of taking into the dealership.

Expert Knowledge

With decades of experience with luxury car brands, we have worked with many different German-made makes. Our expert technicians pride themselves in providing Mercedes Benz repairs at the highest levels. They are well experienced and understand the European motoring industry more than any other, possessing the skills and equipment necessary to work with both modern and classic cars.

Genuine Parts

Our expert technicians are specialists in Volkswagen repair methods and quality assured processes that guarantee a high-quality service. We use only genuine Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Benz approved parts and high quality oils and fluids to ensure that your vehicle is serviced to the quality it was intended to. This guarantees the integrity of your Mercedes Benz is not compromised by non-genuine parts. Choosing Motorossi for you Mercedes Benz service in Adelaide validates and protects your logbook and new car warranty.

Competitive Price

We offer dealership quality service without the dealership price. We also provide a convenient pickup and delivery service, taking the stress and hassle out of your car repairs & maintenance. We can diagnose and repair all your Mercedes Benz related problems at a budget-friendly cost so you won’t break the bank each time you come in for a service. Here at Motorossi, we are passionate about delivering the best service at the best price in Adelaide.

How often should I service my MERCEDES?

Your Mercedes-Benz will let you know when your service is due. Generally speaking, that means once per year, however the maximum kilometre recommendations can vary between models. In most cases, you can trust the time/kilometres remaining in your instrument cluster to be accurate, but if you are unsure please feel free to give our experts a call.

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